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Anna Kendrick for Zooey Magazine

Why do I feel so miserable.


Grand Canyon, ArizonaJamie Young


Grand Canyon, Arizona
Jamie Young

The old man on the park bench.

Once, there was an old man that was always sat on the park bench. He seemed cheerful enough to everyone else that walked past. One day a man sat next to him. They talked for a few minutes. After listening to a few of the old man’s stories the man asked the old man

"Did you ever find the love of
your life? “

The old man replied that he had. He took out a picture of the lady in question, albeit an old one.

"Wow. She’s really beautiful. How long have you two been married?"

"We aren’t. She married another man. I went for their wedding 20 years ago."

I should leave and never come back. Who’s going to miss me anyway

Just fuck my life ok

Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown : Day 1
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"It winded me like I’ve never been winded. I was thinking, I’ve been shot in the neck, it’s game over.”

Lance Corporal Simon Moloney, of the Blues and Royals, fought on despite being shot in the neck during a battle with the Taliban. Lance Corporal Moloney is pictured receiving medical treatment on the frontline.
With blood pouring from his throat down onto his machine gun, Moloney figured he only had a few minutes to live.

As their dawn raid on a Taliban position commenced, Mononey and another machine gunner were positioned on a rooftoop overwatch position to provide support. Suddenly 30 Taliban fighters engaged the patrol from all directions in horseshoe ambush.

Moments into the fight Lance Corporal Moloney was struck in the throat by a tracer round which passed clean through. “It winded me like I’ve never been winded. I was thinking “I’ve been shot in the neck, it’s game over. I figured I had minutes left.”

The bullet passed just behind his windpipe, missing arteries by millimeters.

“When after a couple of minutes I was not dead and I could still talk I started to get a better feeling,” he said. “We had to crack on. They were pushing quite hard so it was either maybe die or definitely die because they would have over-run us.”

Despite the injury to his throat, Moloney continued shouting information and orders to his team during the fight, and when his evac chopper arrived, he refused to leave the battlefield, having to be ordered aboard.

The Lance Corporal returned to Britain for further treatment, but pushed to get back in fight and was with his brothers in Afghanistan again in under a month.

What you did, what you didn’t do, what you could have done, what was wrong with you, what was right with you — you never get these answers, so you wind up speculating. And we are our own worst critics, so we wind up thinking that everything was our fault. That is and isn’t the case — you’re only ever responsible for your actions, no one else’s. Rationalizing what you did against what someone else did, then, is an effort in futility. It’s not your responsibility to understand them — after all, they’re not in your life anymore.


When Anna Kendrick is doing the puppy eyes. If this is not the cutest thing ever, then I don’t know what it is!


When Anna Kendrick is doing the puppy eyes. If this is not the cutest thing ever, then I don’t know what it is!